Jan 20, 2019: Yesterday

3:50 PM Ticket #300 (EasyMini repair for Wyatt Campbell) closed by bdale
invalid: Customer says he'll be back in touch when he's ready to send the board …

Jan 17, 2019:

5:40 PM Ticket #290 (Battery reversed on TM for Grant Tucker) closed by keithp
fixed: Shipped back Nov 26
5:25 PM Ticket #272 (Broken TM battery charger for Riley Penegor) closed by keithp
fixed: All fixed and returned
5:15 PM Ticket #273 (TeleBT v1.1 with failed CC1111) closed by bdale
5:13 PM Ticket #276 (Multiple repairs for Bryan Kabe) closed by bdale
5:12 PM Ticket #302 (TeleMega repair for Janet Koepke) closed by bdale

Jan 15, 2019:

5:15 PM Ticket #301 (TeleMega repair for Rick Thome) closed by bdale
fixed: Signal traces ok, but mounting pads ripped off. Sending him a new …
5:11 PM Ticket #304 (EasyMini repair for Bob Brown) closed by bdale
4:57 PM Ticket #299 (Various repairs for Charles Hakes) closed by bdale
fixed: TeleBT USB connector ripped off, signal traces ok but most mounting …

Jan 9, 2019:

3:50 PM Ticket #296 (TeleGPS repair for Ray Shepard) closed by bdale
fixed: No trouble found, but I reflowed the GPS patch pin and flashed up to …
3:45 PM Ticket #297 (TeleGPS repair for Steve Taylor) closed by bdale
fixed: The CC115L seems to have failed somehow. Reflowing a bunch of pins …
2:59 PM Ticket #292 (TeleBT repair for Terry Dobler W7AMI) closed by bdale
fixed: Forced bootloader, re-flashed with 1.9 firmware, seems fine.
2:54 PM Ticket #281 (TeleGPS repair for Kendall Brent) closed by bdale
fixed: Board put in bone pile, will just send him a replacement at no charge.

Jan 6, 2019:

6:05 PM Ticket #230 (TeleMega repair for Chris Covany) closed by bdale

Jan 5, 2019:

6:05 PM Ticket #305 (Multiple repairs for Chris Short) closed by bdale
fixed: Replace q2 TeleGPS, no questions asked. Replaced USB connector on …
5:39 PM Ticket #305 (Multiple repairs for Chris Short) created by bdale
2 TeleGPS from his stock won't receive GPS 1 TeleBT with broken USB …
5:31 PM Ticket #304 (EasyMini repair for Bob Brown) created by bdale
blew drogue at power up

Dec 28, 2018:

4:02 PM Ticket #303 (Check out µP for Matt Steele) created by keithp
I have two Micropeaks that I got from Geoffrey Kerbel's estate after …
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