Oct 22, 2018: Today

1:10 PM Ticket #296 (TeleGPS repair for Ray Shepard) created by bdale
TeleGPS purchased at Airfest not working

Oct 19, 2018:

12:02 PM Ticket #289 (TeleGPS repair for John Wrobleski) closed by bdale
fixed: Received sn 4036
11:51 AM Ticket #288 (TeleMetrum repair for Gary Rosenfield) closed by bdale
fixed: Told him I'm putting an SMA on the board and it's his choice whether I …
11:08 AM Ticket #287 (TeleGPS repair for Harry Spears) closed by bdale
fixed: Confirmed no GPS reception, presumed SAW filter issue. Will send him …
10:52 AM Ticket #283 (TeleMega repair for Nicholas Rozell) closed by bdale
fixed: Since this was an Argonia Cup prize, I'm just going to replace the …

Oct 18, 2018:

12:04 PM Ticket #295 (Recalibrate TeleGPS frequency for Cristian Manasoiu) created by keithp
Hi Keith, a fresh update on the TeleGPS issue:- I connected the laptop …

Oct 16, 2018:

1:36 PM Ticket #294 (Replace broken screw terminal on OSU TeleMega board) created by keithp
We want to send in our TeleMega? (with the missing terminal screw) for …

Oct 15, 2018:

9:29 AM Ticket #293 (TeleMega repair for Charles Ogino) created by bdale
Hello I purchased a telemega a few years ago and love using it but …

Oct 10, 2018:

7:44 PM Ticket #292 (TeleBT repair for Terry Dobler W7AMI) created by bdale
Bricked a TeleBT v4.0 flashing it with 1.8.7.

Oct 5, 2018:

11:54 AM Ticket #291 (TeleMega repairs for Benjamin Scheinberg) created by bdale
4256 and 4242 one has broken USB, the other was just DOA

Oct 2, 2018:

11:37 AM Ticket #290 (Battery reversed on TM for Grant Tucker) created by keithp
I recently attached the battery backwards on my telemetrum and fried …
10:04 AM Ticket #289 (TeleGPS repair for John Wrobleski) created by bdale
TeleGPS purchased through Apogee, sn 4036, no GPS reception at all. …

Oct 1, 2018:

8:51 AM Ticket #288 (TeleMetrum repair for Gary Rosenfield) created by bdale
sn 4944, antenna wire broke off taking trace with it after Balls flight
8:48 AM Ticket #287 (TeleGPS repair for Harry Spears) created by bdale
I have a TeleGPS that was purchased at Airfest (sn 4033). The unit …

Sep 24, 2018:

3:20 PM Ticket #286 (TeleMetrum stops sending telemetry) created by keithp
My TeleMetrum? 2.0b SN 3590 with 1.8.5 firmware has started acting up …
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